There’s always been an ongoing debate among beauty bloggers, makeup artists and medical professionals about the pros and cons of using false lashes. Many people say mink lashes are fine but rhinestone lashes are not. Some people claim that any kind of false Hollywood lash can damage your natural lashes permanently; while there are others who think this is utter nonsense. We are here to burst all the myths and state the pros and cons of false lashes clearly. 

Pro #1: Highlighting natural lashes 

For women, who do not like their naturally short and thin lashes, false lashes like 3D lashes can be a huge confidence boost. It is easy to apply and take care of. The final look will give you a very natural look, with voluminous lashes to highlight your beautiful eyes.  

Pro #2: Creating a statement style 

If you are attending a party or event and want to create a bold, statement look, false lashes can help you. Rhinestone lashes do the job perfectly well, by complementing the color of your outfit.  

Pro #3: Easily available  

False lashes in every type are readily available everywhere, from drugstores to supermarkets. You can even buy them online from websites like Hollywood Lash. Make sure to invest in good quality lashes and eyelash glue for easy usage and to avoid the risk of infections.  

Now that you know how many awesome advantages false lases provide, let’s check out some cons that you need to bear in mind.  

Con #1: Can cause eye infections 

Although false lashes are a great temporary method to look glamorous, they are not a permanent solution for sparse and short lashes. Remember to never wear false lashes while sleeping. Bacteria can accumulate underneath the lashes, causing eye infection. Always ensure to remove lashes at night and clean your eye makeup, using makeup remover. Also, never share your lashes or eyelash glue. Many contagious infections like conjunctivitis and keratitis can be spread, by sharing eyelash products.  

Con #2: Can cause allergies 

Fake lashes, especially synthetic ones like 3D lashes, contain chemicals in them, which make cause an allergic reaction in some people. Eyelash glue also contain elements, which can cause allergies, and hence must be tested on your hand, before you apply it to your eyelids.  

Con #3: Takes practice to master the art of lash application 

Although false lashes offer an instant fix, they can be a bit tricky to apply, if you are a newbie. You need to make sure your hands are clean and take some time to relax and apply your lashes. It can take a while, before you master the art of applying lashes flawlessly.  

Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of false eye lashes, you are better prepared to rock your own pair of lashes. At Hollywood Lash, we provide all kinds of lashes such as mink, rhinestone, magnetic, fluffy, etc. Additionally, we also have tons of lash accessories like eyelash glue, eyeliner and even lash shampoo! What are you waiting for? Get your own pair of eye lashes today at very affordable prices at