You might be thinking that false eyelashes is a latest fad, but you might get surprised, when you get to know the facts just like I was. Actually, false eyelashes existed years ago, where women used to sew it up on their eyelashes with needle and thread and you can imagine how painful, it might have been. Now luckily there are adhesives available for application and this is quite a relief.  

Inspite of the false eyelash industry involving, in the beginning the stick-ons were heavy. They had to be put on the eyelids the whole night and this process was exhausting. The women had to bear the extra burden of having these eyelashes on, while sleeping too. And inspite of all this trouble, sometimes when you walk out the door, the eyelash would ping up from the corners. But gone are those days!!! The eyelashes available these days have light-weight, more refined and natural, hence less troublesome.  

At Hollywood lash, we have some of the finest false eyelashes for you: 

Real Mink – 3D  

Wow do you want that dramatic effect like a reality show star, then these are the eyelashes for you. Real Mink – 3D are the false eyelashes, which comes closest to the human eyelashes. These lashes will never betray you. 

Luxury Mink 20mm 

This pair of Luxury Mink 20mm eyelashes will blend with your original eyelashes and will have the appropriate volume and length. It’ll upraise your looks to another level altogether.  

Luxury Mink 30mm  

These are superior quality eyelashes for the beautiful you. People won’t stop admiring you for your beautiful eyes and lashes, once you put on these Luxury Mink 20mm eyelashes from Hollywood lash. 

Luxury Faux Mink 

These false eyelashes gives you a sophisticated look and are perfect for any eye-shape. So, don’t be afraid of the fact whether these lashes would look good on me or not, as these false eyelashes suit all kinds of eyes.  

Magnetic Eyelashes 

These magnetic eyelashes are the latest thing in the market. It’s quite popular as these eyelashes do not require those messy glues. What a relief from those traditional eyelashes. These eyelashes extension stays on for the whole day, without giving you the worry of falling off, which is a boon in itself. The hold of the eyelashes is storing because of the strong magnetic effect and hence will stay put for a long time.  

Fluffy Eyelashes  

Fluffy eyelashes help in enhancing the eye opening length of your eyes, which will accentuate the beauty of any woman and take it to the next level. So try out these fluffy eyelashes from Hollywood lash and feel the difference.  

Rhinestone Eyelashes 

These eyelashes are embellished with premium quality rhinestones. They are available in different colors and something is there for everyone out there, so don’t be disappointed, you are sure to find one of your choice out here. 


You get different packs of false eyelashes with us, like a pack of 16 pairs called the Lash Box, then the Jet Setter Lashbook etc. So, if you want to save some money, this would be a good choice, as these come in economical offers.